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Our team

A team of dedicated, hard-working, passionate professionals and experts in various areas of dentistry, that love working with people and do everything for your smile to be nice, and the teeth to be healthy.

Dr Ilija, Dr in Dent. Med., a founder and owner of the Clinics, a specialist in oral surgery and implantology. He graduated in dentistry in 1979 at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade. Specialised in dental surgery in 1996-1998.


Dr Jasna, a specialist in jaw orthopaedics, co-owner of the Clinics, Court Expert in the area of Dentistry - field of Jaw orthopaedics, appointed by the decision of the secretariat of the Court Council based on article 10, Par. 2, Podgorica, on 24 December 2014.


Dr Milan finished the private Faculty of Dentistry in Pancevo, first generation of the students of that private faculty. Prior to that he finished the dental high school in Belgrade. He graduated in 2010 and passed the state exam.


Dr Ljubica finished the private Faculty of Dentistry in Pancevo, first generation of the students of that private faculty. She graduated in 2010, passed the state exam, and has been working in the private practice ever since. She enrolled in the specialization in oral surgery.


X-ray cabinet

X-ray diagnostics enables general check-up of teeth, roots and the neighbouring bone structure. The mentioned represents basic diagnostics during its dental treatment. Our dental practice has an X-ray cabinet with the equipment prescribed and controlled by the Ministry of Health of Montenegro.

Dental prosthetics

Modern prosthetics has made some efforts to solve the problem of dental aesthetics without teeth contouring, if there is an adequate indication for it. It is lumineers, composite flakes with ceramic admixtures that are glued to the intact teeth surfaces without their damaging.

Dental aesthetics

Teeth-whitening at the dentist’s is done by means of the ZOOM technology in our practice, by using the lamp of the corresponding wave length in combination with the H2O2-based gel. The time of duration of the treatment is 60 minutes at the dental practice Veselinovic.

Pedodontia - paediatric dentistry

Enable your children to grow with healthy teeth! Through game, our doctors will teach your child how to maintain dental hygiene. Pedodontia or paediatric dentistry represents a part of dentistry which deals with treating teeth in children.