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Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is a part of dentistry that includes treating of the teeth damaged by caries or traumas.
At the dental clinic Veselinovic, we pay special attention to the basic branch of dentistry, ’’dental diseases’’, implying:

-ENDODONTIA (root canal treatment)

-CONSERVATIVE DENTISTRY (composite fillings and facets, conservative tooth upgrades)

At the clinic Veselinovic, thanks to the newest technologies, we equally take care of both function and aesthetics of the tooth foundation.  


The dental clinic Veselinovic in the area of conservative dentistry uses the highest quality materials of eminent manufacturers. In making aesthetic fillings, we pay the same attention to both incisors and lateral teeth. Our skill in making fillings is realisable thanks to the composite material of nanotechnology of an American manufacturer 3M ESPR, ULTRADENT, GC, SCHOFA.
We make aesthetic fillings observing the morphology standards, with a view to achieving a natural appearance of the teeth.


Upon treating the root canal, it is often great happiness not to have teeth breaking - fracture. Today in the market we have fiberglass pegs that are built in the root canal and reinforcing the teeth. Sometimes we build in ready-made metallic pegs or we take an impression of the root canal and make the cast metallic peg by the impression. All that in the end should be covered with a crown. Thus the survival of the teeth in the jaw is prolonged.



1. Why are white fillings better than the black ones?
’’White“ or composite fillings no longer have an alternative. Amalgam, a material for black fillings, was kicked out from use long ago, its chemical composition brought this material to all the ’’black lists’’ worldwide due to mercury. Composite has been gaining more and more on its physical-chemical characteristics and fully justifies its use for all tooth fillings. It is no longer better only aesthetically, but also physically.

2. Should I replace my black fillings with white ones?
Our opinion is that you should certainly do it. The answer to the question No. 1 gives the answer to this question as well.

3. Is teeth treatment painful?
At the dental clinic Veselinovic, all the interventions are performed under a local anaesthesia, so the teeth treatmentis painless and comfortable. There is a doubt about a term ’’teeth treatment“. In practice, we imply endodontic teeth treatment - nerve extraction and treating of the root canal.

4. My entire tooth crown cracked, must I extract that tooth?
The tooth whose crown has cracked, but has a healthy root (without any processes - root tip diseases), should be absolutely saved. We can conclude that only after we examine the tooth clinically and via X-ray. A good root can be successfully cured, and as such, it can serve as a foundation for a new upgrade and a new ceramic or even composite crown.

5. Can white filling look like a natural tooth?
The goal of each therapist that shapes the filling is to satisfy the morphological characteristics of the tooth on which the filling is made. Properly shaped and determined filling will correspond with its appearance to the natural, intact tooth.

6. I’ve had a white filling on my incisor, but something black appeared underneath the filling. What should I do?
You should come to check-up in order to establish whether the filling only changed its colour or a secondary (new) caries appeared underneath the filling. Based on the diagnosis, the doctor will determine the therapy.

7. I have treated the tooth and it became black. What should I do?
There is a possibility for a treated, i.e. dead tooth to change its colour. The reason for this is known, but it will be explained on another occasion…If the tooth is in the frontal region, or is just very much visible, the simplest thing to do is to place a composite facet on the frontal surface of that tooth (that can be made during one visit to the practice, as a filling or in another dental technique). It is possible to coat that tooth with a ceramic crown. In certain situations, there is a possibility for whitening of the crown itself, and very good results can be achieved in that manner.

8. I have only just had the filling, and soon a part of it cracked. What happened?
There are several reasons for which a new filling may crack: not observing the resistance and retention form, or due to a trauma in function of chewing.

9. Is it normal to have a toothache, and I have recently had a new filling?
It often happens that, upon placing a new filling, the tooth is more or less sensitive. After some anamnestic data, a nature of the pain should be determined. The reasons can be simply solvable, such as high filling at coming into contact with a tooth of the opposite jaw, which is solved by sanding of the filling surplus. Sometimes these reasons are very serious, such as the filling to close to the pulp-nerve. Depending from the cause, various interventions are undertaken.

10. My tooth is sensitive to cold, what should I do?
In this case it is necessary to visit a doctor who will make a classical X-ray imaging and examine the tooth clinically, and based on the determined conclude whether the cause of pain is gum recession, a periodontal pocket, a caries...

11. My tooth hurts when I chew hard food, what should I do?
If the tooth hurts on pressure, and it has been recently filled in, first suspected cause is too high, i.e. inadequately articulated filling. Another reason can be dental disease or periodontic disease - the tissue surrounding the tooth (see the area of dental diseases, question No. 9).

X-ray cabinet

X-ray diagnostics enables general check-up of teeth, roots and the neighbouring bone structure. The mentioned represents basic diagnostics during its dental treatment. Our dental practice has an X-ray cabinet with the equipment prescribed and controlled by the Ministry of Health of Montenegro.

Dental prosthetics

Modern prosthetics has made some efforts to solve the problem of dental aesthetics without teeth contouring, if there is an adequate indication for it. It is lumineers, composite flakes with ceramic admixtures that are glued to the intact teeth surfaces without their damaging.

Dental aesthetics

Teeth-whitening at the dentist’s is done by means of the ZOOM technology in our practice, by using the lamp of the corresponding wave length in combination with the H2O2-based gel. The time of duration of the treatment is 60 minutes at the dental practice Veselinovic.

Pedodontia - paediatric dentistry

Enable your children to grow with healthy teeth! Through game, our doctors will teach your child how to maintain dental hygiene. Pedodontia or paediatric dentistry represents a part of dentistry which deals with treating teeth in children.