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Jaw orthopedics (orthodontics) is a dentistry branch that deals with diagnosis and treatment of irregularities in teeth, jaws and faces of children and adults.
Orthodontic therapy implies the use of various mobile and fixed appliances that place the teeth and jaws in the right position by producing gentle force.

Removal tabular appliances – removal prosthesis

Removal appliances known as removal prosthesis are used in early childhood, and later on when all the teeth have erupted. They can be made in different colors and may include various wire elements and screws, depending on the diagnosis and problems to be solved. Removal appliances are also used for preserving the results achieved with fixed prosthesis.

Fixed Orthodontic Prosthesis

In fixed orthodontic appliances, the correct intermaxillary relationship is achieved, the optimal shape of the dental strings is set up as an ideal layout and position of teeth in them - teeth alignment. Fixed appliances are differentiated according to the material from which they are made:

1. Metal locks,
2. Aesthetic locks - we use fully transparent sapphire locks, many patients want their appliance not to be visible on the teeth, which is made possible by this type of locks that give them confidence to smile even during the therapy)
3. Self-regulating locks - highly technically advanced metal or aesthetic locks that reduce friction and create a gentle force. With this system of locks the therapy lasts shorter, it is more comfortable for the patient and reduces the need for tooth extraction, oral hygiene is easy to maintain, follow-up examinations are shorter and scheduled for longer time intervals.
4. Lingual locks - this is a special system of locks that are glued on the teeth from the inside, to be invisible when the patient smiles.

Transparent Foils for the Tooth Correction - CLEAR ALIGNER

Tooth correction with foils is an alternative to tooth correction with metal locks. It is an orthodontic treatment consisting of aesthetic transparent comfortable foils. A set of foils is used for tooth correction in the front region, the so-called aesthetic zone, both in the upper and lower jaw.

X-ray cabinet

X-ray diagnostics enables general check-up of teeth, roots and the neighbouring bone structure. The mentioned represents basic diagnostics during its dental treatment. Our dental practice has an X-ray cabinet with the equipment prescribed and controlled by the Ministry of Health of Montenegro.

Dental prosthetics

Modern prosthetics has made some efforts to solve the problem of dental aesthetics without teeth contouring, if there is an adequate indication for it. It is lumineers, composite flakes with ceramic admixtures that are glued to the intact teeth surfaces without their damaging.

Dental aesthetics

Teeth-whitening at the dentist’s is done by means of the ZOOM technology in our practice, by using the lamp of the corresponding wave length in combination with the H2O2-based gel. The time of duration of the treatment is 60 minutes at the dental practice Veselinovic.

Pedodontia - paediatric dentistry

Enable your children to grow with healthy teeth! Through game, our doctors will teach your child how to maintain dental hygiene. Pedodontia or paediatric dentistry represents a part of dentistry which deals with treating teeth in children.