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Enable your children to grow up with healthy teeth! Through game, our doctors will teach your child how to maintain a hygiene of his/her teeth, by playing, regular visits and prevention of caries, you will enable your children to grow up with healthy teeth. Pedodontia or paediatric dentistry represents a part of dentistry that deals with treating the teeth in children. 

The main objective of pedodontia is a prevention of caries on primary and first permanent teeth. In the first years, a large number of children already have caries on teeth, the enamel of primary teeth is significantly less resistant, which, along with an inadequate oral hygiene, leads to numerous carious lesions. There are several quite simple rules that children can adopt at the early age, which can preventively affect occurrence of caries. These are certainly everyday adequate oral hygiene, healthy nutrition and regular visit to the dentist.


Treating of primary teeth is extremely important. Primary teeth save place for permanent teeth and direct their emerging, enable proper chewing function and enable an adequate bone development. Besides that, inflammations of primary teeth can cause stains and anomalies of enamel of their permanent successors. If the child meets the dentist for the first time due to pain, and most often due to great pain caused by an advanced caries on the tooth, he/she will carry the fear inside even in the adulthood. That is why it is more than necessary to bring a child for a mental preparation at the dental clinic and in the entire environment starting from 2 years of age, and then to repeat the visit every 6 months even without any reason (no pain, no caries).


Today, caries is the most frequent disease of a modern human being. Fluorine is an ideal means for prevention of caries, protecting enamel and making it more resistant. It is a completely painless preventive measure and is applied on primary and permanent teeth with a view to longer keeping of healthy dental tissue. Fluorine reduces an incidence of caries and participates in remineralisation of an initial carious lesion. At the dental clinic, fluorine is mostly used in form of liquid, gel or polish for coating teeth.


Dental sealants are the method by which the indentures on chewing/occlusal surfaces are coated with the agents containing fluorine and certain adhesive agents. Through that, the indentures become shallower and no food residues can sediment in them creating a bacterial plaque. By dental sealants, we reduce the risk of caries, which is very important in an early stage of mixed teething. If the parents agree and understand the importance of protection of primary teeth, it can be done with primary molars as well. Dental sealants are not a permanent method - it is not teeth filling (no holes are made in the teeth) and it should be checked once a year and repeated if needed.


X-ray cabinet

X-ray diagnostics enables general check-up of teeth, roots and the neighbouring bone structure. The mentioned represents basic diagnostics during its dental treatment. Our dental practice has an X-ray cabinet with the equipment prescribed and controlled by the Ministry of Health of Montenegro.

Dental prosthetics

Modern prosthetics has made some efforts to solve the problem of dental aesthetics without teeth contouring, if there is an adequate indication for it. It is lumineers, composite flakes with ceramic admixtures that are glued to the intact teeth surfaces without their damaging.

Dental aesthetics

Teeth-whitening at the dentist’s is done by means of the ZOOM technology in our practice, by using the lamp of the corresponding wave length in combination with the H2O2-based gel. The time of duration of the treatment is 60 minutes at the dental practice Veselinovic.

Pedodontia - paediatric dentistry

Enable your children to grow with healthy teeth! Through game, our doctors will teach your child how to maintain dental hygiene. Pedodontia or paediatric dentistry represents a part of dentistry which deals with treating teeth in children.